E-Commerce & Retail

Dedicated Customer Fulfillment Centres (CFC’s) arrived in the UK in the late 90’s as a solution for Retailers to increase on-line shopping Sales as an alternative to in-store picking.  Some Retailers struggled to manage this concept as the service could initially only be made available in certain areas of the country. ASA, working with their Retailers partners, recognised that the ideal format for Customers was to provide a combination of all these Building types

Over the last 10 years, ASA have provided a full Feasibility, detailed design and Construction Service for a range of purpose built CDC’s / DotCom centres / Dark stores and satellite Trunking centres throughout the UK.

Due to ASA’s fit for future approach to all projects, they have been successful in developing and delivering the next generation of E-Commerce facilities. ASA are now working with Clients to integrate multi-level mezzanines and increased levels of Automation both into existing and New build Centres. Past ASA Concept and Feasibility studies have now become reality with the completion of Multi temperature and non food Operations. ASA have continued to develop storage solutions which provide maximum flexibility as Clients recognise that these Distribution facilities can also be a great vehicle for new products and ranges to be launched and made available to customers in more remote areas of the UK where Retailers may not have such a large Store presence. Further complemented by the click & collect concepts, ASA have now designed full C&C pickup and delivery processes considering all elements such as customer care, driver resources , vehicle and route management and service offerings.