Energy & Waste

ASA strive to be part of the solution to reduce wastage. From Inception to Completion we have been working with Major UK Clients since 2004 providng a full design service delivering a wide range of Energy and waste recycling solutions. These projects have been either stand alone units or integral facilities to an overall Distribution Industrial estate. Our knowledge of Legislation and the safety aspects associated with the Recycling of Card, plastic, food waste and the Anaerobic digestion processes means we have been able to provide our Clients with best in class fully flexible solution.

Biomass operations have been a new growth area for ASA since 2006, we recognise and understand the cutting edge technology and the challenges this can bring to any Planning approval process and the level of early detail required particularly relating to fuel sourcing and the sensitive issue of emissions. We have worked successfully with our Client to produce new ways of working both in delivery and storage of materials.

ASA’s commitment to the environment and carbon reducing programmes is absolute and reflected in the Directors creation of the DC21 Group which provides Renewable energy solutions for our Clients. The design solutions offered range from the simple use of natural daylight in both ambient and chilled internal environments to recycling heat to promote tropical fruit and flower rooftop greenhouses. ASA with DC21 have delivered and built out a major Wind Turbines portfolio, provided projects with the benefit of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Technologies, Photo voltaic panel and film solutions plus improved Building Air tightness and maximisation of Insulation and envelope.