Food Processing

ASA recognise that the complexity and sequencing of any food manufacturing process is crucial starting with the initial understanding of the varying delivery formats of raw products. ASA’s expertise and significant proven track record of this type of projects extends through to the food preparation areas, the creation of the hygiene regimes throughout the facility from ‘low risk’ to ‘high care’ and the final preparation to finished products. We understand transferring methods and holding zones within the process plus the need for cold storage. All then to be reassembled and directed to their final destination.

From State of the Art bespoke buildings to the repurposing of existing Units, ASA have provided a full design service from inception to completion on a range of major Food processing projects. Clients have benefitted from ASA’s unique equipment and operational knowledge plus the recognisation of flexibility in processes, crucial to any 24 hour facility. This expertise ultimately improves efficiencies and reduces distribution costs.

Best practices will differ between organizations and markets so ASA have developed a number of approaches that apply and can be easily integrated into any Food processing operation with demanding delivery requirement. Providing exceptional service to customers is crucial, ASA can advise Clients for establishing, managing and measuring effective last mile Operations. These are designed to streamline and better manage the delivery process, establish and maintain a competitive advantage, and generate new and repeat business.