Multimodal Transportation Centres

The largest overhead for any Logistics operation is Fuel and Transportation costs. The immergence of Multimodal transportation Centres was the Industry’s response to this challenge. ASA have worked with major retailers and 3PL’s for over 10 years to provide these Centres across the UK. Our projects have covered both Port and Rail centric developments plus Airfreight and airport storage facilities, infrastructure, car parking and Main terminal passenger refurbishments and security solutions.

The ASA Team has a strong track record of success with presentations, on our Clients behalf, to Airport Authorities, Network Rail, Transport institutions and independent design bodies whose involvement, buy-in and ultimate approval is critical to any Multimodal project. This track record and credibility is a powerful asset for our Clients which has consistently ensured project timescales have been met, delivered on time and within budget. 

ASA promote the one integrated Team approach which is particularly crucial for these types of projects having built up a strong detailed knowledge of the relevant experience of all the other Design disciplines. Combined with ASA’s unique operational knowledge and the recognition of the key interfaces between the different Transport formats on a single site, this has proved invaluable. Leading the  Logistics Team, ASA provides the Client with a one stop design service dramatically reducing the design development time.